Sunday, 11 August 2013

XBOX 360-Weekender (3) Day 2

Helping Hand Achievement in Sonic UnleashedBFFs Achievement in Sonic UnleashedDay 2 and a late start finally go underway with Sonic Unleashed and I soon realised why I had stopped playing it in the past because it was so difficult but I persevered and got two unlocks, the first being BFFs (20G) for becoming better friends with Chip and the second - Helping Hand (20G) came for helping someone in need.

Meteor StrikeParts ShopNext up I went on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed to great success as over the course of just over two hours, I scored six unlocks for a total of 70G which began with Parts Shop (15G) for winning an event with a mod equipped and soon followed by Meteor Strike (15G) for winning a total of 100 stars on World Tour mode.

Buzz BomberCrack Down Crack Down (10G) unlocked for getting a total of 20 hits with weapons in a single race while Buzz Bomber (10G) popped up for catching 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the same Swarm attack.
Cosmic Smash
Eyes On The RoadEyes on the Road (10G) unlocked for hitting an opponent with a weapon while looking backward and in doing so became my 4000th achievement which may not be massive when compared to most people who have been playing for the six years that I have but is still a massive accomplishment for me and the night ended with Cosmic Smash (10G) for detonating a Hot-Rod at the very last second.