Sunday, 4 August 2013

Adera Season Finale

Home Away From HomeThanks for Flying Adera AirlinesEpisode Five arrived for Adera, so I tried it out and after two hours work I found that I neared the end of the episode with 12 unlocks before the night's end which began with Thanks For Flying Adera Airlines (10G) for making a successful emergency landing in the glider while Home Away From Home (10G) popped up for discovering Amaro's secret workshop behind the waterfall.

The Plot ThickensKnight ChampionKnight Champion (10G) unlocked for completing the Knight's Tour chess puzzle in Amaro's cave without undoing a single move while The Plot Thickens (10G) popped up for discovering the encapsulation cocoon in Amaro's testing chamber.

A Little Help From My FriendsRace to the FinishRace to the Finish (15G) unlocked for escaping the abandoned plaza and making my way into the jungle while A Little Help From My Friends (10G) popped up for finding the Radicals' hidden camp and making introductions.

Bridge BuilderTap Tap TapTap Tap Tap (5G) unlocked for popping 20 bubbles in the Orb Shifting game within the Jungle Cavern while Bridge Builder (5G) popped up for completing the Vine Bridge in under six moves.  

Orb-Colored GlassesOrb-Colored GlassesModern Art (10G) unlocked for repairing the glass mural and opening the path to the corrupted swamp and Orb-Colored Glasses (10G) popped up for unlocking the orb's ability to see through illusions and taking it for a test drive.

Orb-Colored GlassesGrandfather? Grandfather!Grandfather? Grandfather! (15G) unlocked for reuniting with Amaro while Family Moment (5G) popped up for finding the picture of Jane's mother.

Overall a good haul for two hours work- 12 achievements for 115G and 317 TA points.