Saturday, 24 August 2013

Saints Row IV Debuts

My autumn game release schedule began with Saints Row IV, a game that six months ago didn't even look like getting made but after the first few hours play is obvious why it was pushed into production.

SaintifiedZero Saints ThirtyEight achievements were unlocked from the introduction to Act 2 beginning with Zero Saints Thirty (10G) for completing 'Zero Saints Thirty' and winning the adulation of America while Saintified (10G) popped up for creating and sharing a character online. 

There Is No PancakesDestroyer-In-Chief 
Destroyer-In-Chief (10G) unlocked for completing 'The Saints Wing' while There Is No Pancakes (10G) popped up for completing 'A Pleasant Day.' 

Woah.First of ManyFirst Of Many (10G) unlocked after buying my first upgrade from the store while Woah. (20G) popped up for acquiring my first super powers. 

Don't Look Down
Don't PanicDon't Look Down (10G) unlocked for being airborne during Super Jumps for a combined 10 minutes of gameplay and finally, Don't Panic (30G) popped up for completing 'The Real World.'