Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dead Rising 3 Operation Broken Eagle Complete

Live to Fight AgainDelivery ManAfter beginning the first episode of the Dead Rising 3 DLC on Sunday, yesterday I continued and after two hours playtime completed the episode which was the result of seven unlocks which began with Delivery Man (10G) for collecting Charlie's supplies while Live to Fight Again (10G) popped up after recovering all squad members.

Rest In PeaceEagle Has LandedEagle Has Landed (10G) swooped in after locating the President with Rest In Peace (10G) popped up after collecting all Dog Tags.

Duty Or DeathCounter TerroristCounter Terrorist (10G) unlocked after infecting all Safe Zones and was swiftly followed by Duty of Death (10G) for completing the Operation Broken Eagle DLC.

Eyes in the SkyThe session ended with Eyes in the Sky (10G) unlocking after hacking all ZDC camera which had to be done after the story completion due to a glitch on the final camera.