Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Dead Rising 3 Double DLC Day

Out With The BadFit to Lead in Dead Rising 3Dead Rising 3 Chaos Rising DLC ended with the unlocking of Fit to Lead (10G) for completing Chaos Rising and then up next was the beginning of the final DLC, The Last Agent with the first unlock being Out With The Bad (10G) for defeating all Bikers.

Bag of ChipsSworn to ProtectSworn to Protect (10G) unlocked for rescuing all of the Survivors and was swiftly followed by Bag of Chips (10G) for collecting all ZDC chips.

Bootleg OperatorHacking the HackerHacking the Hacker (10G) unlocked for finding Nelson and while exploring with him, Bootleg Operator (10Gg) popped up for collecting all Bootleg Zombrex. 

SourcedAshes to AshesAshes to Ashes (10G) unlocked for burning all Biohazards with Sourced (10G) following after finding the source of the military signal and fighting off Spec Ops.

Agent of Justice
Kane's Last WordsKane's Last Words (10G) unlocked for collecting all of the evidence with the session and DLC episode ending with Agent of Justice (10G) popping up for completing The Last Agent and in doing so put me on 85/88 achievements on the game itself.