Sunday, 14 July 2013

XBOX 360 Weekender (2) Day 1

Swing and a miss Achievement in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13Day One began late with due to problems with my computer but got started at 3pm on London 2012 but after playing until 4.40  - no achievements were unlocked so onto Tiger Woods 13 and again a long playtime but only one unlock in Swing and a Miss (10G) for whiffing the ball.

They've Always Been FasterKEEP IT CLEANKnights Contract next up but no unlocks so onto Halo Reach and saw five good unlocks before the night's end beginning with KEEP IT CLEAN (5G) for killing seven Moa on the second mission followed by They've Always Been Faster (25G) for clearing the second mission without entering a drivable vehicle.

I See You Favor a .45Lucky MeLucky Me (25G) unlocked for scoring a Triple Kill while Jetpacking during a Firefight and swiftly followed by I See You Favor a .45 (10G) for killing ten enemies during a Firefight with the pistol.

An Elegant Weapon...Finally, An Elegant Weapon... (10G) popped up for killing ten enemies in a Firefight with the DMR.