Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Forza Horizon Goes Online

ExhibitionistNotoriousHaving reached 100,000 TA last night the next push is for 75,000G and 4000 achievements and as such I continued Forza Horizon and scored seven unlocks beginning with Notorious (30G) for becoming the most popular driver at Horizon. Exhibitionist (20G) popped up for completing every Showcase event. 

OMGAll Your Race Are Belong to UsAll Your Race Are Belong to Us (30G) unlocked for winning every Festival Race, Street Race, Showcase and Showdown event and swiftly followed by OMG (5G) for winning my first car online.

Ding!Playground GamesPlayground Games (5G) unlocked for completing a game of Infected, King, and Cat and Mouse while Ding! (5G) popped up for reaching level five online.

ZOMG! Achievement in Forza HorizonTo end the day, ZOMG! (10G) unlocked for winning three cars online and took me to 41/70 achievements and 845G overall.