Friday, 13 February 2015

Project Spark Creates As Lego Batman 3 Battles

Kodite CollectorInto the VoidFebruary 5th featured a session on Project Spark (X1) which resulted in four unlocks starting with Into the Void (25G) for defeating 250 enemies in Void Storm while Kodite Collector (15G) popped up after collecting 100 pieces of Kodite.

Stalwart KnightThe VillageThe Village (30G) unlocked after recovering the Rune Stones and cleansing the village after the Void attack and was son followed by Stalwart Knight (10G) after reaching level 10 with Haakon.

Scarlett's Nemesis1-up?February 6th saw a session on the sister version of Project Spark - Project Spark (Win 8) which saw a trio of unlocks beginning with 1-up? (5G) after collecting 100 coins in Crossroads and was soon followed by Scarlett's Nemesis (10G) after defeating the Fallen Ranger with Scarlett in Crossroads.

You’re a WizardScarlett HeroScarlett Hero (10G) unlocked after completing Crossroads for the first time with Scarlett. The session continued into  the next day with a duo of unlocks starting with You're a Wizard (5G) for making a first game with Create.

UnstoppablePlaying Dress UpThe session came to an end with Playing Dress Up (5G) for creating a custom character in the Create mode. February 8th saw a return to the console version- Project Spark (X1) which featured seven unlocks on the DLC packs starting with Unstoppable (50G) for completing Void Storm without dying.

Treasure HunterSpark of IngenuitySpark of Ingenuity (25G) unlocked after defeating 100 enemies using Spark Interactables in Void Storm with Treasure Hunter (15G) popping up after opening 50 chests in Void Storm.
Flora Druid

Avalon ChallengerAvalon Challenger (10G) unlocked after completing 10 champion challenges with Avalon which led to the popping up of Flora Druid (10G) for reaching level 10 with Avalon.

Credit SpenderBlast from the PastBlast from the Past (25G) unlocked after completing Avalon's Wellspring in Void Storm before the session ended with the popping up of Credit Spender (5G) after unlocking a Credit Unlock item.

True HeroBreaking BATS!February 8th saw a first play of the year on LEGO Batman 3 (X1) and a single unlock in the form of Breaking BATS! (20G) for completing level two of the same name. The next day saw a continuation on the game and a trio of unlocks starting with True Hero (20G) after attaining 'True Hero' status in any level.

Now THAT'S impressive!Space suits you, Sir!Space suits you, Sir! (20G) unlocked after completing level three of the same name before Now That's impressive! (20G) for finding and destroying a Riddler trophy.

The Big GrappleSpace Station InfestationFebruary 11th saw the run on the game continue with a single unlock in the form of Space Station Infestation (20G) for completing level four of the same name while the following day also saw a single unlock on the game in The Big Grapple (20G) for completing level five of the same name.