Tuesday, 26 February 2013

AC3 Goes Online While XBLA Gets Some Playtime

Another trip onto the multiplayer and after a lot of different games, I unlocked Hunter/Killer (20G) for reaching sequence ten in a map on Wolfpack mode. Next I browsed my XBLA games and chose Harm's Way with a quick unlock in the shape of Entertainer (10G) for hosting a multiplayer game for the first time.

Turret Downgrade (10G) popped up for activating a turret downgrade power-up while One Shot Kill (30G) unlocked for hitting a car wind-shield.

Missile-Fest (10G) unlocked for getting the missile launcher for the first time while Mine-Fest (10G) popped up for deploying mines for the first time.

Affiliation (10G) unlocked for joining a multiplayer game for the first time and Turret Takeover (30G) popped up for shooting and taking over an enemy turret which was the final achievement needed for Harm's Way to become my 21st completed game and fourth in 2013.

Next was Sonic 4 Episode 2 and a solitary unlock of Tag Partner (10G) for uploading a multiplayer score and next was The Simpsons Arcade and a single unlock of Dysfunctional Family (10G) for playing a 4 player match with three other people.

Finally, I went on South Park : Tenorman's Revenge and unlocked Mpph Mpprhhh! (5G) for performing 20 high jumps with Kenny and One down! (5G) popped up for completing the first level.

REDtribution (5G) unlocked for killing 100 Ginger Minions and brought a close to a night of playing while watching the 2013 Oscars online and meant a total of 13 achievements and 165G.